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Alter-G - GO

Alter-G - GO

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The Alter - G ANTI GRAVITY TREADMILL is the walker integrated into a load relief system with pneumatic technology developed by NASA, called DAP (Different Air Pressure), to reduce the impact on the patient's joints and muscles and to allow exercise protected and safe by eliminating the risk of falling.


• High precision in relieving load from 1 to 80 of the patient's weight
• Offers the patient the possibility of a safe and painless recovery
• Reduces impact on joints and muscles during exercise
• Quick and intuitive setting
• The training takes place in complete autonomy
• Constant visual control of the pitch and of the analysis parameters
• Provides objective data to measure progress and motivate the patient Exportable to
end session via Wi Fi or USB


The ANTI GRAVITY TREADMILL VIA can be integrated with the Stride Smart Gait Analitycs system which measures gravity load and provides simplified visual feedback on pain levels and gait symmetry.


AlterG's VIA antigravity walker thus provides patients with a rehabilitation and training experience integrated with intuitive, real-time gait analysis.
It is therefore easy for the therapist and patients to work on improvements in real time and establish the optimal rehabilitation plan based on specific needs. The new model has easier access to the air bladder placed on the treadmill.
The new model is equipped with magnetic attachments to fix the air bag which has a new design together with that of the overall structure of the system.

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