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Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth

Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth

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Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth

Hypervolt Plus BT is a state-of-the-art massage gun with maximum power and torque to extend the massage effect deeper than usual. For people who appreciate power. It's the perfect combination of performance, adjustability, and added power. Hypervolt Plus BT is designed specifically for the human body. Ergonomically designed to be lightweight and durable, Hypervolt Plus BT is perfect to take on the go. Featuring a matte black finish, Hypervolt Plus BT supports the patented Quiet Glide™ technology. To reiterate, a whole new massage experience. Hypervolt BT Plus is equipped with a bluetooth connection which allows you to control the device and select a program for each muscle.

You can use the Hyperice Hypervolt Plus Black Massage Gun for initial warm-up and recovery. Massage muscles, tendons and joints with five different massage heads or stimulate blood circulation. You can choose the appropriate vibration level from three different options up to 3200 rpm. Charge the battery and enjoy the rejuvenating vibrations for up to two and a half hours in the gym or living room. Unlike similar competitor massage guns, the Hypervolt doesn't sound like a hacksaw - in fact it's surprisingly quiet - but it has an incredibly restorative feel.


  • Three different levels of vibration
  • Maximum speed: 3200 rpm
  • Steps: One, 30Hz (1800rpm), Two, 40Hz (2400rpm), Three, 53Hz (3200rpm)
  • Impact length: 10.6mm
  • Power: The 90W massage gun indicates with LEDs when the force exerted by the hand exceeds the power of the motor and cuts off the power.
  • Five different massage heads
  • Weight: 1.36kg
  • Battery: 21.6V 2.8Ah 51.8Wh
  • Charger: 24V, 1A
  • Operating time up to 2 hours (1h, ½h pause, 1h)
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