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Iso Power Balance

Iso Power Balance

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Iso Power Balance:

Train your sport specific working angle

I know P ower B alance ® is a Home Fitness tool through which with specific exercises of isometry , it will be possible to increase Strength, Power and Coordination in a specific sport with the possibility of working on different specific sports corners dedicated to each muscle group as indicated in the scientific literature that you can find in the dedicated area.

Do not neglect Balance, Coordination and Proprioceptive

An excellent multidisciplinary tool to train at home, in the hotel during trips and transfers, you can request specific work protocols completely suited to your sport and also train balance, coordination and proprioception all with a unique tool that will turn into a balance board.

Moreover .. with the foam roller supplied it will be possible to perform myofascial detensioning treatments once the workout is finished.

It will also be supplied with elastic kits that will allow you to perform dynamic counter-resistance work.

Discover the benefits of maximal isometry

As we know there are 3 types of muscle contraction, concentric which occurs with the approach of the muscle heads, eccentric with removal of the muscle heads and .. isometric which consists in keeping the muscles under tension for a certain time MODULABLE without generating displacement.
And it is precisely this modulation that will allow us to perform too
maximal isometries applying a MAXIMUM force delivered against an immovable resistance where the body is constrained between two fixed points that do not allow and that constrain its movement. You will find the dedicated studies area to support this concept and deepen freely.


  • Iso Power Balance
  • Graduated bands for isometry, elastic kit, barbell, foam roller
  • Kit bag with shoulder strap
  • 2-month specific sports training protocol Evidence Based on Coachpeaking Platform
  • All videos of the execution of the exercises
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