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Kokoon - Sleep Headphones

Kokoon - Sleep Headphones

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Kokoon Sleep Headphones
  • FLEXMOULD COMFORT SYSTEM - Designed for 24/7 comfort, even in bed
  • COMPANION APP - Fall asleep naturally with clinically proven audio techniques used in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • BIOFEEDBACK - brain waves (EEGs) and motion sensors monitor sleep and relaxation to learn what works to help you fall asleep.
  • SLEEPGUARD TECHNOLOGY: Automatically dissolves audio as you fall asleep and introduces adaptive white noise to better block out disturbances
  • ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLATION AND NOISE MASKING - multilayer noise protection

  • Headphones with noise canceling technology to intelligently protect during sleep and rest period. Kokoon's patent prevents external noises from entering the headphones and reaching the ears. It doesn't matter whether it's the roar of a plane, train, or crowded bar, Kokoon ensures you won't be interrupted.
  • The triple layer of the ear muffs is foldable, washable and removable. They are made of a durable natural fiber of Flexmould Comfort silicone to adapt to the shape of the head. Designed to be worn all night, these ear cushions allow air to pass through to keep you cool and comfortable.
  • The Bluetooth App includes a library of audio books and provides relaxation techniques and exercises used in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Relaxing audios and music, developed with sleep scientists, are clinically strained to help people fall asleep and relax. Kokoon's Sleepguard technology fades your audio as you fall asleep and introduces white noise to promote quality sleep. (App in English)
  • Integrated biofeedback electroencephalogram (EEG) sensors detect and understand individual relaxation and sleep. Over time, the smart algorithms in the linked app learn which audio works for you through the headphone sensors and provide personalized recommendations to increase effectiveness.
  • Premium sound wherever you go with 40mm electro-dynamic audio control for relaxing sound and sleep techniques, as well as for listening to music or watching TV and movies. The ultimate sleep aid for use in bed or while traveling with an included travel case and sleep mask, micro USB battery charging cable, and weighs just 350 grams.


Application for iPhone and Apple devices.
Application for Android devices.

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