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Venom Back

Venom Back

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Wrapped in heat

Venom Back amplifies the soothing power of heat with compression and vibration to melt stress and tension in the depths: the best of both worlds


Suitable for you

Digital touch screen controls, adjustable temperature levels and three distinct vibration patterns allow you to be in full control, to get the perfect treatment whenever you want.

Back Care

Walk, bend over and stretch. Or sit back and relax. The Venom line is designed to move with you, for a portable, hands-free on-demand treatment.

Details and specifications

Features nanotechnological heat and vibrations.

Variable heat levels, vibration patterns and time sequences

Combine heat and vibration to warm, melt and relax sore or stiff muscles

907 g

Cut it
118 x 25 cm

3 levels of vibration frequency at 88 Hz

Battery life
Up to 3 hours on a full charge

Heat nanotechnology
Level 1, 55C / Level 2, 63C / Level 3, 72C

Digital Touch Screen
Allows you to customize the temperature, vibration pattern and time

Travel friendly
Approved by the Department of Transportation for transportation.

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