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Hypervolt Go 2

Hypervolt Go 2

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Made to move

The portable percussion massager par excellence. Lightweight, versatile and elegantly designed, it offers relief on the go - melting stress and tension, loosening muscle knots and fighting fatigue. It's more than just a massage gun, it's designed for active people like you to help you do what you love. Moreover.

Wellbeing moves with you

Hypervolt 2 Go regenerates your cortpo and makes you feel like new. Warm up quickly, release tension and stress, loosen tired muscles, wherever you are. It only takes a few minutes a day to help you feel revitalized and regain your complete mobility

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Powerful and portable

With its weight of 0.68kg, it fits perfectly in your bag and takes up no space in the house. With its 3 hours of battery per charge and QuietGlide® technology that guarantees near-noise cancellation during the session, Hypervolt 2 Go is the ideal mix of power and portability for a satisfying massage.


Attractive design

The new Hypervolt 2 Go has a sophisticated and attractive design. Built with high quality materials and to last over time, complemented by an ergonomically shaped design in its modern arctic gray color.

What does it include?

What's included with your Hypervolt Go 2
  • Hypervolt Go 2

    The device

  • Power supply + adapters

    To keep your device charged wherever you are

  • Head attachments (2)

    To best adapt the device to the area you are focusing on

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