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Ice Pod

Ice Pod - Cold Water Tub

Ice Pod - Cold Water Tub

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Cryotherapy is an effective recovery system used after intense workouts.
Nowadays many athletes undergo cryotherapy sessions in order to benefit from its anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties and ICEPOD is a technology specifically designed for total body cryotherapy in water.

ICEPOD is a latest generation technology that will allow you to immerse yourself in ice water at a temperature of 3 ° thanks to the power of the new Smart Power Chiller engine.
This new cooling system will allow you to bring the water from 20 ° to 3 ° in just 45 minutes!

Thanks to the Smart Chiller function you will have the possibility to easily program weekly sessions from your smartphone via the App and to bring the water to temperature wherever you are.

The ICEPOD tanks are available in three different sizes:

  • 125 cm - Tank for 1 athlete
  • 150 cm - Tank for 1 athlete
  • 190 cm - Tank for 2 athletes


ICEPOD is an easily transportable system thanks to its weight of only 15kg and for this reason it is perfect for athletes and teams who play away, but who do not want to give up indulging in a cryotherapy session in order to recover after intense efforts.

Ease of use

ICEPOD is a technology equipped with clip connectors, already included in the system, which will allow you to assemble and disassemble the tank in a very short time.

Technical specifications

  • Separation of electrical system and water flow.
  • Overheating protection system.
  • Overloading protection system.
  • Constant maintenance of temperature.
  • Consumption 0.5 kw / hour

Cooling system

Power supply: 220-240V 50 / 60HZ, can be 110V
Input power: 1850W
Cooling capacity: 5750W
Compressor (industrial type): Highly
Refrigerant (ECO-friendly): R410A
Adjustable temperature rage: 3-42 ℃
Automatic constant temperature: Yes
Local control: Local control panel
Remote control: IOS and Android APP, WIFI
Control panel: 6.5 inches
Water filter: Yes
Circulation pump: Built-in, self-priming
UV disinfection (Philips): Yes
Spare parts: carrying wheels, carrying handles, 2.5m hose * 2pcs.

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