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SmartCuffs® 4.0

SmartCuffs® 4.0

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SmartCuffs® 4.0 Features:

Patent Pending iBFR™ LOP Calibration - Our clinically validated LOP calibration is back and better than ever. Finding the LOP in just 10 seconds thanks to our innovative proprietary algorithms, it is the fastest and most comfortable LOP calibration process available on the market. By taking a percentage of the LOP, the user can objectively know how much it is restricting blood flow for their body structure. This is crucial, as LOPs vary greatly from person to person. This takes out all the guesswork for a truly quick and easy experience.

Exclusive Tri-Pressure™ Technology - As BFR research has evolved, so has the way doctors and patients optimally use and schedule blood flow restriction training. Three distinct modalities of BFR that have proven highly effective are now at your fingertips.

How to use

Continuous BFR

The cuffs are inflated during exercise and rest sessions.
This causes the muscles to tire at a higher rate.
Ideal for advanced rehabilitation or joint de-loading.

Intermittent BFR

The cuffs are only inflated during the exercise session. They deflate during the rest session.
Ideal for the rehabilitation of beginners or for the relief of joints.

BFR at rest

The cuffs are not inflated during the exercise session. The cuffs should only be inflated during the rest session.
Ideal for beginner rehab to facilitate BFR training (using very light weights) or advanced rehab (using heavier weights).

How to choose the size of the cuffs

Take the circumference of your upper limbs at the level of the biceps brachii, or at the level of the lower limbs at the level of the quadriceps.

Small = 29.32cm - 33.02cm
Medium = 33.02cm - 45.72cm
Large = 45.72cm - 60.96cm
Extra Large = 60.96cm - 73.66cm
*If you are at the limit of your measurements, choose the larger size.

Arm Cuff Measurement:
Measure the circumference of the space between the shoulder and the bicep.

Leg Cuff Measurement:
Measure the circumference of the thigh closest to the hip.


Safety - Safety is the priority of everything we do. The SmartCuffs® 4.0 has been designed not to allow the user to inflate to greater than 80% of the LOP for any limb. The 4.0 model is therefore ideal for use by patients at home.


Armband Design and Materials - After years of customer feedback, we set out to design the most comfortable and evidence-based armbands for users of all types. Thanks to the proprietary air bladder materials, which allow for a smooth inflation and fit, skin pinching is no longer an issue. Additionally, the contoured design of the Large and XL cuffs allows for superior lower extremity fit, comfort, and occlusion pressure. To top it all off, we have pre-curved the inner stiffener of the bracelets to further prevent the bracelet from slipping.

Bluetooth® Connectivity - Connects to any smartphone or tablet via the SmartCuffs® app. Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Li-ion battery: 5x longer battery life than the closest BFR wireless competitor, with a charge time of 30 minutes or less. This makes it the logical choice for clinical and high-use environments.

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