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Vyper 3.0

Vyper 3.0

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Get ready to go

All systems activated. Charge your body with a powerful vibrating massage. The Vyper 3 speeds up your warm-up, recovery times and makes you move better.


Improved design

Built with your body in mind. Vyper 3's contoured design helps avoid pressure on the spine and other sensitive areas for a more comfortable massage.

Turn up the volume

The Vyper 3 energizes your muscles and prepares you for action. Loosens and massages tension, and helps you feel better thanks to its 3 high intensity vibration speeds.

Pre Workout

Get ready for a new routine

Get ready to enjoy the best warm-up of your life. Pair Vyper 3 with the Hyperice app for professional advice, guided sessions and to track your progress from your phone.

Details and specifications

3 powerful vibration speeds

An ecological polypropylene roller with a shaped design

Elastics to help stabilize your roll

1.3 kg

Cut it
19.3 x 5.8 in

Battery life
2 hours

3 vibration speeds

34W 3-speed high torque motor

Connects via Bluetooth® to the Hyperice App (for automatic speed control)

Travel friendly
Approved by the Department of Transportation for carriage in hand luggage.

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