Vyper Go

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Vyper Go
Vyper Go
Vyper Go
Vyper Go
Vyper Go
Vyper Go
Vyper Go
Vyper Go

Vyper Go

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Ready. Departure. Street!

Go past. Wherever you want. Vyper Go balances power and portability, so you can feel your best at home or on the go. Rock your personal care routine and give yourself some energy with this compact vibrating massage roller.

Prime time

The Vyper Go prepares you to move. Warm up quickly, indulge in a great recovery and release muscle tension, anywhere, anytime.


Ready to go

It sits perfectly on the silhouette and its three vibration speeds ensure a super comfortable massage.

Targeted action

The perfect couple

Hit all the right spots and master your warm-up and recovery with guided sessions and advice from top athletes, coaches and performance consultants in the Hyperice app.

Details and specifications

3 speeds

Ecological polypropylene foam

EPP roller with shaped profile

0.9072 kilos

Cut it
10.6 x 3.9 x 3.9 in

Battery life
2 hours

3 vibration speeds

High torque 26W motor

Connected via Bluetooth® to the Hyperice App (automated speed control)

Approved by the TSA
Approved by the TSA as hand luggage