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Dr. Andrea Fabbri and his opinion on Smart Tools BFR

The Recovery Club team recently interviewed Dr. Andrea Fabbri about the use and benefits found in Smart Tools BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) devices. 

Which professionals can benefit from using blood flow restriction therapy (BFRT)?
The professionals who can benefit from using the BFRT are: personal trainers, athletic trainers and physiotherapists.

On which individuals can it be used?
The BFRT is a versatile tool, we can in fact use it on athletes of any level to increase athletic performance.
Furthermore, its use in the rehabilitation field is indicated on people suffering from osteoarthritis, post-operation patients, people suffering from weakness, muscle pain or in all those cases in which it is not possible to use a high load.

What are the benefits of its use?
The BFRT allows to have benefits in terms of muscle strength and hypertrophy comparable to a high load training (70-80% 1RM) using a low load (20-30% 1RM).
The result is less joint stress which leads to longer joint longevity and less likelihood of delayed onset pain (DOMS).
With its use combined with aerobic exercise (walking, cycling, jogging) we can increase the level of VO2 max bringing benefits also in terms of endurance.

What can you tell us about security?
The evidence currently present in the literature has not shown greater risks of injury compared to high-load training, however, patient selection and supervision during therapy is necessary to avoid possible adverse events.

Can you briefly describe the main features that make SMART CUFF PRO our product of excellence for carrying out the BFRT?
With SMART CUFF PRO we can perform customized BFRT based on the subject who uses it thanks to the machine's ability to precisely detect the pressure necessary for total arterial occlusion (LOP). All we need to do is set the percentage of arterial occlusion desired during the execution of an exercise and the machine in "self-regulating" mode will automatically maintain this occlusion for the entire duration of the training. The pneumatic headphones are of excellent quality and easily wearable, furthermore the small size of the instrument allows it to be easily transportable and space-saving. Finally, it is equipped with the ischemic pre-conditioning (IPC) mode, to be used before an athletic performance to improve performance and speed up the repair process.

Regarding what you said about BFR, is there any scientific evidence in the literature? Or could Dr. Fabbri leave some references of scientific literature for those who want to deepen what he said kindly?
For example, the study by Takarada et al (2001), Huges et al. (2011).
The study by takarada (2001) shows how its use in passive mode 'from the 3rd to the 14th day after ACL reconstruction (Anterior cruciate ligament of the knee) led to a reduction of the quadriceps muscle by 50% less. compared to the control group that did not use BFRT tools.

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"Thesis on the benefits of BFRs"
- Graduated in Physiotherapy at the University of Bologna.

"Blood Flow Restriction Therapy"
- Lecturer Gerfred Greveling PT, Mac, Novavia Project Parma, 10/2021.