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Doctor Jacopo Allegri

Doctor Jacopo Allegri, illustrious Physiotherapist and Osteopath of Padua, made himself available for an interview regarding the benefits found by using the Theragun Prime by Therabody device.
Let's find out together his personal experience and the reasons why he chose the famous British brand.

What is the Theragun massage gun?
It is a percussion gun that massages and heats the area on which it is applied, excellent for dissolving superficial and deep muscle tension.

Who can use it?
It is a tool widely used by physiotherapists and by all professionals in the sector (osteopaths, masseurs, personal trainers, ...) but also by sportsmen themselves.
In fact, the Theragun is not a real medical device so anyone can use it on their body, especially for the recovery phase and pre-workout warm-up.

So can someone who trains on his own use it too?
Absolutely yes! You can use it independently on contractures, from the moment it allows you to facilitate muscle recovery processes after an intense workout and to dissolve the most superficial contractures.

Do you use it a lot in your studio?
Personally, I use it every day.
Both my collaborators and I use it at the beginning of the treatments or at the end to complete our manual work.
Clearly, the Theragun does not replace the sensitivity and the pappatory abilities of the hand and vice versa the hand cannot do what this percussion pistol is able to do.
Consequently, within a professional studio like ours, it can be said that it is a complementary tool for our treatments.

How exactly does it work?
Once activated, it is applied to the muscles to be treated and with the kinetic energy created by the percussion of the head there is a blood call that warms the area by vascularizing the muscles and causing muscle tensions and contractures to be reduced, as well as acting directly. with the percussion on the muscle itself.
So this double benefit makes the Theragun a great device for my job.

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Curriculum of Doctor Jacopo Allegri
After graduating in Physiotherapy at the University of Padua, Doctor Jacopo Allegri began his work experience dedicating himself to geriatric rehabilitation at a retirement home. At the same time he joined a polyclinic in Padua, to then also approach the free profession.
Subsequently she attended a course on "Treatment of Trigger Points according to the Ticchi Method" and finally obtained a master's degree in "Osteopathy of neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunctions" at the Escuela de Osteopatia de Madrid, where she finally continued her studies to obtain the title of Doctor Osteopath, with the aim of increasing his professional skills according to a 360 ° view of the person.

After completing his studies he decided to open a personal studio, the Riattiva Lab, in Padua.